Writing Challenge – A Section Per Day For Two Weeks (W.I.P)

/ July 8, 2017/ Adventure, Short Stories, Supernatural

Notice: I’ve been having some writers block lately, so I’m working on a fanfiction for a game that I like to get past the writers block. I may or may not post that story, but at some point I will get back to this. 🙂

For this summer, I decided to give myself a writing challenge; write a short story over two weeks, writing a section every day. Since I wanted this to be a real ‘challenge’, I asked one of my friends to give me two genres and used some writing inspiration dice that I got online to create the base for characters and general motivation/changes in plot. I’ve listed the genre, character, and plot selections below and will update this post as I write each section of the story. I can’t guarantee that there’ll be an update every day, but I’ll do my best. 🙂

Genre: Adventure-Supernatural

Character One: Trickster, Adult Male

Character One Traits: Loyal, clumsy. stoic, optimistic

Character Two: Fool, Child Male

Character Two Traits: Follower, free-spirited, emotional, self-serving

Character Three: Hero – Unwilling, Non-human

Character Three Traits: Brave, clumsy, artistic, sneaky

Character Four: Anti-hero, Animal

Character Four Traits: Cowardly, clumsy, intuitive, self-serving

Character Five: Hero – Willing, Child Female

Character Five Traits: Brave, clumsy, emotional, optimistic

Actions: Recover, protect, understand, destroy

Plot Points: Discovery, trap, new character, found item.

So, there’s an adult, two kids, a cat, and a spirit, and everyone’s either emotional or clumsy or both. This’ll be… interesting, to say the least.